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Hill & Delamain
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Ari Shipping Inc.

Overseas Agents

We have a network of overseas agents throughout the world in areas such as China and and the Far East, USA, Australia, Cyprus and Europe, further details below.

Click on the Overseas Agents List Overseas Agents List to download our current list.







We have daily departures throughout Europe serving all the main countries for both export and import cargo.  Whether it be 1 pallet or a full trailer load, Freightbrain International can assist you. Serving: France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, CZ Republic, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.







We have a number of US agents that we work with both east coast and west coast, our longest serving and main partner is Ari Shipping Corp, New York.  They are a fantastic company with very fast response times and can handle all types of cargo whether it be Air or Sea.







Africa can be a challenging market for exporters but Freightbrain International are able to serve most of the main locations, one of the areas where we have a good agent is Zambia called Hill and Delamain, who have handled a number of FCL shipments to Lusaka and beyond.

It is not just about shipping something and saying goodbye, you need to ensure it all goes smoothly when it arrives – this is where you need tried and trusted agents.







This is another market where it is easy to come unstuck, customs are often very fussy when it comes to paperwork and so it is important that information is accurate on shipping documents. We have agents throughout South America, for example in Brazil we work with Impulse Cargo, Sao Paulo and Gamma Cargo in Lima, Peru







Asia and the Far East continues to be our biggest market for both import and export cargo, Chinese imports lead the way and we have regular groupage (LCL) and full containers (FCL) from/to Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen to name but a few.  We have long established relationships with all our agents in this region and our network also extends to Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Japan. We have a number of agents including the Solex Group.







Trade between the UK and Australia and New Zealand continues to increase and we have weekly departures to both these destinations.  We have also shipped a number of families moving to the region and many customers who have made big savings using us over a more traditional removal company.